The Wild Eight Confirmed as Skipping Early Access, Targeting Release Q1 2017.

Eight Points, the developers of successfully Kickstarted survival adventure title The Wild Eight, have confirmed that the game will be going direct to full release, and outlined a rough target for full release.

The Wild Eight is a survival game where players take on the role of one of eight unique characters, each with their own skills and talents, to try and reach safety following a near fatal air crash in a snowy, deadly environment. Each game’s map is generated on start, with core story pieces moved around and randomised elements serving as bridges, meaning that even veteran players will be challenged to alter their survival techniques on replay.

In a recent Steam news post the developers detailed that their alpha and beta feedback (from those who backed the game during it’s Kickstarter) have made them rethink the current upgrade system.

At the same time they also went on to confirm the game would be skipping Early Access for a full Steam release after the current plans (estimated to take between one and two months) have been implemented.

That said, they did confirm they would continue development after full release, so while we have gained a rough release window of December-January, there’s no confirmation on how far along intended development the game will be when it launches — that said, from the current beta build, of which I am part, the game seems to be progressing along development just fine.

There has been no mention regarding progress of the console versions of this time.

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