White Noise 2 Lurking Around As It Leaves Early Access Next Month

White Noise 2 has got a full release date which will mark the title as successfully leaving Early Access.

The horrifying title, White Noise 2 which pits four survivor players against one supernatural creature controlled by a fifth player has now got a final release date which will see the title leaving Early Access and into a full release. The title will launch on the 6th of April.

The game encourages the survivor team to work together as they, in a similar fashion to Slender, hunt down tapes that are scattered around haunting maps. The player controlling the creature will be hunting them down, picking them off one by one trying to stop them from gathering all the tapes.

White Noise 2 is a sequel from the first White Noise title, and players can score points for each round they play which ends up counting towards their levels, and the more levels they unlock, the more characters and tools they unlock. And there are appearances from the original title that come as unlockable playable characters.

The title has gained twenty-nine updates since it has been in Early Access, and has had new content and features included based on community feedback. There are five playable levels with over ten investigators to play as, each with their own perks. There are four creatures available to choose from with different perks and playstyles, and there are more features and additions to come.

I ran coverage on White Noise 2 as a preview video, but I also took a closer look at each side, having a look at the survivors and the creatures.

Below is the trailer announcing the release date on Steam for the 6th April.


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