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While Waiting has you spending your time in between moments

There are lots of points in the day where you are waiting — a lot of life, as it turns out, is waiting. Now, with technology, there is actually a lot of things that you can do while you wait, however, that’s not what While Waiting is about. While Waiting is a cute, single screen game where you are waiting and can interact with and tinker with the area around you.

Each of the levels start with a bunch of sticker hints that sort of tell you what you could do. One, clearly, is to do nothing and just let the game run, while the others hint at interactions that you can find on the screen. You will be waiting for lots of things; music to download, a game to give you more currency, your luggage. 

While Waiting

While waiting, you are able to move around the level and see what you can interact with. There are simple interactions that seem pretty straight forward, as well as more fun interactions that might take a bit of trial and error to figure out. There isn’t a timer on each screen, so you will not know how long you will be on that level, waiting for whatever task to be completed.

The hints at the different achievements are just enough to help you on your quest to earn them, while being vague enough to keep a bit of challenge. There is a bunch of replay value in While Waiting, especially with all of the different elements in each screen. 

I was able to play a bit of While Waiting at Gamescom, where I found myself both relating to the game and wishing I could hop around on the luggage conveyor belt when waiting for my luggage! The artstyle too is very charming, bringing together a simple idea that is executed in a fun way. With over 100 different levels in the final game, it’s going to be quite a fun one!

While Waiting does not have a current release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

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