Havendock has you building your own world, trying to survive

From your start stranded on an island, Havendock challenges you to build up your own world, create something sustainable, and help others who have been displaced. This game looks a lot like mobile adverts for something similar, that circled on Instagram a few years back, but brings far more depth then those ads ever had (and delivers that style of gameplay).

Havendock is a resource management game, where you find yourself in the middle of the sea. There are obviously tons of resources that can be found in the sea, as long as you can reach them and pull them into your little island. Gathering these resources and then using them to build out your own island is a major part of the game, so you do need to pay attention to whatever is going by you.

Over time, in Havendock, you are able to learn how to craft more items, and can create items that then produce resources that you need, taking away that big pull on waiting for whatever you need to float by. These different skill trees of items can allow you to focus on things like farming or building comfortable houses. 


Other lost people can also come across your town, and you can invite them in! They are able to explore what you’ve built and help you continue to thrive. As the sea is massive, there is plenty of space as long as you manage your resources and make sure you are producing enough food and electricity! 

The demo of Havendock that I played at Gamescom felt really polished and full of features. There was absolutely tons to build, create, and so much freedom in how you make it. It’s single player at this time, but does have a work-in-progress co-op feature that allows your friend to help you create your own world.

You can currently play the demo of the game or check out Havendock on Early Access on Steam.

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