Watch: 22-Minutes of Gameplay Footage from New Monster Hunter: World

Capcom has released a new, 22-minute video showing gameplay footage from upcoming action RPG, Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is the fifth major home console title in the Monster Hunter action RPG franchise – and Capcom’s new footage gives a tantalising look at the gameplay!

In the video, the player sets off on his first mission – to find and kill a mysterious monster, the Anjanath, which dozens of hunters have already tried to hunt down. The monster’s possible location is circled on the map, with the player told to keep an eye out for some ‘sticky mucus’ that it leaves behind. The player then follows the Scoutflies to the Anjanath’s location.

World has been designed as an exciting refresh for the Monster Hunter franchise, which was originally launched 13 years ago. Capcom has been working on the new title for the last three years, adding new features and monsters. World has a new, open world map, with seamless transitions between zones for added realism.

Monster movements are incredibly dynamic, creating a realistic ecosystem with predator and prey. In the video, the player comes across a Giant Jagras who hunts and swallows his prey whole – then runs deeper into the jungle to regurgitate his prey to feed his young.

Players can also manoeuvre through the undergrowth, pushing and moving vines out of their way, jump and mount onto monsters, and even hide in the undergrowth – though players need to be careful, as monsters can smell you! Other new dynamic possibilities include the ability to severe off certain monster’s tails, lure monsters into traps and pit them against each other.

There are 14 different weapon classes, and hunters have survival tools such as the slinger, grappling hooks and a camouflaging ghillie suit to aid them in their hunt.

Watch the full 22 minutes of gameplay in the video below.

Monster Hunter: World will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018. A PC release will follow, date TBC.


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