Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector – Orks

Give 'em some dakka!

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector – Orks gets straight to krumpin’!

I really liked Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector and would argue that it’s one of the strongest 40k games out there, especially on the strategy game side of things. Earlier in the year I tried out the Battle Sisters expansion, and now I’m delighted to have a go at the Orks DLC. I’m delighted because Orks are the most entertaining faction in the tabletop game, even if they aren’t always the most effective. Ludicrously over the top and genuinely funny, all they want to do is race around in red vehicles — red ones go faster after all — and have a good scrap.

Much like the tabletop game, the Orks here are much more interested in getting in close with their choppas and power klaws than they are in shooting. That’s not to say that their gunfire is weak, but they are much more effective up in the faces of their enemies than they are with popping off a few slugga rounds. You’ll need to be prepared to get cut up at range as you close the gap to do some real damage. You don’t have a lot in the way of damage mitigation either, so hopefully that meaty health bar will be enough to keep everyone upright.

A stat screen for an Ork Meganob, including special abilities.
All the units have abilities that are in keeping with ones you’d find in the tabletop game.

There are plenty of solid units available to build your army here. The classic Warboss and Weirdboy provide your leadership and special powers, and they’re of course backed up by the battle line Boyz and utterly useless Gretchin. Nobz, Meganobz, and the iconic Deff Dread provide heavy support, and everybody’s favourite Deffkoptas provide some air support. 

Whilst there are a few other units for you to choose from here, I feel that there are a few really missed opportunities. I certainly wouldn’t expect every model from the tabletop to be included, but the lack of Squighog Boyz feels like a real missed opportunity for a hilariously silly cavalry unit. More egregious I think is the lack of a transport option. Considering how weak Orks are at range, there not being a Trukk or Battlewagon to put infantry in so they can get close enough to krump is a real problem on more open maps. I can’t quite understand why one of them wouldn’t be here.

Still, the units that are on offer are great fun with a good few options to kit them out. Meganobz packing skorchas can make short work of infantry, but switch them to a kombi-rokkit and they can hit armoured targets with enough reliability until they can reach melee range. Kustom mega-blastas for Deff Dreads and Deffkoptas can bring additional pain, and your Weirdboy and play with a few psychic powers to weaken you enemy’s ranged options to let them close that gap. It’s all very Ork-y and I love it.

An Ork Deff Dread standing on a metal bridge.
Deff Dreads are great all purpose options depending on the weapons you choose.

What I love most though, is how the melee-focussed mushroom men are presented. They all look excellent, from the cheeky little Grots to the hulking Warbiker there’s personality dripping off them. This extends to the voice lines too, which are all very fitting to the faction. Hearing a Warbiker yell “We’s too fast! ‘Ow they hittin’ us?!” gave me a genuine laugh out loud moment. Yes, hearing them twenty times in a battle is a bit tiresome, but it was fun at least at first.

It should be noted that this DLC doesn’t do anything to change the base game of Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector, so if you had issues before, they won’t have changed. I’ll also echo what I said in the Battle Sister expansion, that I’d like there to be a mini-campaign for these DLCs. It’s fun to play skirmishes against the computer and online, and the planetary supremacy mode is still enjoyable, but a little Waaagh storyline would be great to play through. It’s hard to complain too much, mind. This is the green tide hurtling across the battlefield after a good old fight, and that’s a lot of fun on its own. Because Orks always win, even when they don’t!

A unit of Orks firing Deffguns at enemy Paragon Warsuits.
Shooting isn’t often the best option for Orks, but you might as well give ’em some dakka if they’re out of melee range.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector – Orks DLC is available now.

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