Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles brings characters into the game

Previously, we took a look at Sandwich Masters — a card game where you make sandwiches and try to fulfill orders. Recently, I sat down with the expansion Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles which introduces characters into the game, as well as a special card with a new mechanic, and allows players to play with an additional person!

It’s worth mentioning right away that most expansion packs are just a separate box that you need to store in your collection. The Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles box actually has room, where you pull out some cardboard, to fit the base game into the expansion box, along with all the new expansion cards. This is such a good idea and makes storage a breeze! 

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles brings six characters into the game. In the base game, there aren’t any characters, so having these interesting characters and their abilities, can really change up the gameplay. You can either pick the characters you want to play as or you can randomly pass out a character to each player.

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles

The additional cards in the expansion allow for a sixth player to join the game, with the number of ingredient cards and money cards increasing to allow for it. There is also a new olive card (and only one of these) which can be played on any finished sandwich making it worth an extra ten dollars. There is no other deck-based mechanic that is added through this expansion pack.

When it comes to the new characters, there are a bunch of different features that can really make the game very different. There is a character who is able to use Health Inspectors from their hands as any meat in their sandwich and a bear that does not care about money and only wants to create five sandwiches in total to win. These different characters bring a lot of really lovely new features and character to the game. If you enjoy Sandwich Masters, this really brings the base game up an entire level in terms of fun! 

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles also has a really lovely box that I would love to talk about. The box that this expansion comes in is quite big, but there is a removable cardboard bit that you can then take out, allowing you to fit the base game into this new box. I have not had an expansion like this, and feel the design is great for storage. 

Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles is a fantastic expansion, bringing a lot of new possibilities and roles to an already great game. 

You can find Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles on their website.

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