Volcano Princess has you raising the next monarch

Volcano Princess is a bit of a cross between a tamagotchi game and an RPG adventure, where you need to make sure that your daughter is well taken care of and raised right, so she can become the best princess the land has ever seen. 

Starting off with a young princess, you play as her father, looking to fill her day to day life with things that will help her grow and become a better Queen someday. This is done through deciding how to spend her energy and setting up her schedule. Volcano Princess challenges you to pay attention to what she wants to do, what she is interested in, and being emotionally supportive to her. 

There are various different people that you can interact with during the day, getting to know locals and taking part in various activities. Some play out as mini-games where you can increase different interests or abilities through how well you do, while others are choices that have various outcomes. 

Volcano Princess

Over time, your little girl will grow up, having new interests and hobbies as she continues through her life. There is really a lot to do in Volcano Princess and a lot of different ways to actually spend your day, especially as different areas of the world have interaction points that you can do if you aren’t too tired. At the end of each year, you will get a little report on how well your daughter has done in school and other aspects of her life, so that you can see how you are doing. You can also get items to give to your daughter or other people within the game. 

Volcano Princess is an intriguing concept, as you slowly develop your daughter and lead her on the right track, battling monsters later in life and spending time in school and learning skills as a child. I only got a brief time to play while at Gamescom, but really enjoyed what I saw!

You can currently get Volcano Princess on Steam.

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