Ghost Blitz requires fast movements!

Ghost Blitz is a bit different from the tabletop games we have previously played, and actually works better with smaller groups of people. It’s a game that has a collection of wooden pieces and a deck of cards, challenging players to very quickly grab one of the wooden pieces (as long as it’s actually the right one) based on information gained from a card.

In this game, there are five objects that get placed in the middle of the table; a ghost, a chair, a bottle, a book and a mouse. The deck of cards have two types of cards in them. If you want to play an easier game, you can get rid of all of the harder cards, but even with Robin, who is a year younger than the recommended year to play, we had a good time with both decks.

Ghost Blitz

Ghost Blitz is simple, you turn over one card from the deck, then pick the object that is correct How do you know which object that is? Well, that’s the fun in the game. Each card has images on it that reflect the different wooden objects. The easier type of card normally has one correct item on it; that would be a wooden object in the same color and shape as the ones on the table. The cards that are more advanced have a few objects on them, but all of these objects are the wrong color. You’d then need to select the object that is not represented on the card in shape or colour to gain it. 

Though this may sound odd, when you see the cards, it all makes sense, though mixing them both up will result in a lot of thinking before grabbing! To make matters worse, if you grab the wrong object, you have to give one of your cards to the person that gets it correct. The winner of the game is the person with the most cards when the deck runs out, so this can really be a pain.

Ghost Blitz is an extremely simple, fast and fun game that can be played by people of all ages. There is a lot of fun to be had in trying to figure out what the card wants you to pick, then being quick about grabbing the item. As long as you all fit around the table and can reach the items, it’s a fun time.

Ghost Blitz

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