Video Games News Round-up: 12th of January 2017: Zero Days to Switch

Hello, and welcome to today’s video games round-up where we settle down at roughly 9PM GMT and link out to the shifts in the industry that we’ve covered, and those that we haven’t.

The biggest talking point at the moment around B3 towers is most definitely the imminent detailing and showcasing of the Switch and the follow-up event that will run which will be focused on games.

Despite the fact that the event itself is starting in about 7 hours (at time of posting) people are still out there firing rumours off into the distance; will they be held accountable if they’re wrong? No. Should they be? Maybe, but isn’t it all just part of the fun, feeding those who want to know a little bit more than the other people out there?

We’ve not ran a single rumour on the game here at B3, because we are dull and unremarkable; we have however handled declarations of development for the platform, meaning we’ve already got a fair idea of what will be on show. Still, we’ll be, as at any unveiling, sitting there clutching our pillows as the finalised details come forth.

Video Games News, From B3’s Mouth,

Review – Felis
News – Dad Quest Coming to Early Access 23rd February With Winnable Mug!News – Project CARS 2 Possibly Arriving Around September
News – Noct Gets Inventory Improving Update Coming Soon
News – Sunless Sea Swimming to iOS Soon
News – Legrand Legacy to Return to Kickstarter January 18th

And, here’s what we didn’t get the chance to cover, from the source.
  • Rise and Shine received a launch trailer ahead of it’s launch on the 13th. Also, we have a review going live tomorrow.
  • WWE 2K17 will be launching on PC on February 7th, it has been confirmed by 2K. Details are over on their website.
  • As detailed in an exceptional report over on PC Gamer, Wargaming are rolling out several major improvements to World of Tanks, including a new graphics engine!
  • Torment Tides of Numenera got an interactive trailer ahead of it’s rapidly approaching full release for Xbox One, PC & PS4 on the 28th of Feb.
  • In addition to the above, the game got a pre-order trailer released, here.
  • Tecmo Koei updated their Nioh website with 17 new screenshots, you can find the site here.
  • A new trailer was released for that Mass Effect Andromeda game that we all keep going on about; this time it’s focused on The Tempest, the scout ship you’ll be jetting about on. It also covers The Nomad, which is the lander vehicle you’ll control. Trailer is here.
  • In addition to the seven games which were added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list the other day (including Dragon Age: Origins) there’s also been a further three added, with a lot less fanfare. Those titles are Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Beat’n’Groovy. I actually caught the news via, so grazie.
  • The odd -“Really?”- story today is that toddlers were finally added into The Sims 4 after two years (feels a lot longer) of the game lacking them. Details are over on the official Sims site.
  • Bethesda have confirmed that the next patch for Dishonored 2 will add the ability to select missions of you choosing once they’ve been completed -among other features- when it launches on the 23rd of this month. Other features include an Iron (Man) Mode, as well as a mass of difficulty/context sliders for game set-up. Details on the official blog.
  • You can get Codemasters’ amazing Dirt Showdown for PC for free over on the Humble Bundle website, hopefully this isn’t due to another imminent de-listing. You’ve got a little over 40 hours from time of posting to snap it up HERE.
  • Leaving Lyndow, from the creators of Eastshade, is a first person adventure game that will be launching on PC on the 8th of February. The developers launched a trailer for the title today, which is the first I’ve heard of the beauty.
  • Slitherine, Gothic Labs, and The Lordz Games Studio all announced today that Sovereignty: Crown of Kings, a grand-strategy wargaming twist on the fantasy genre, would be reaching version 1.0 soon, with a full release on February 2nd.
  • Shovel Knight will be renamed Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope, and the overall title renamed Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. This new restructure will allow new players to buy the game as separate campaigns if they so wish. There were also new changes to the title added, including two player, and a battle mode for the home consoles… including the Switch, which it was confirmed for.
  • An update for upcoming point and click title Thimbleweed park, confirmed several details on the title. Namely that the game is running on iOS & Android, although these as formats are not a priority or focus in anyway. The tweaks and development of the engine will finalise later this month for the Windows, Mac, Linux & Xbox One versions, which will launch (at least three months) prior to the planned PS4 version. Blog post here.
  • Slitherine released a new teaser for Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach ahead of it’s release on the 19th of this month. You can view the teaser, which shows off the developer’s impressive new engine, here.
  • Gravity Rush 2 got a super impressive live action trailer that didn’t really have anything to do with the game in it, but did have a cat, some chaos and a lot of cool effects. I’m not sure whether it’s really worth mentioning it here -there was some gameplay at the end, minimal- but, as I’m already doing it now I’m kinda committed. Check it here.
  • Styx: Shards of Darkness received an impressive trailer titled Art of Stealth which is most definitely worth your time if you were a fan of the first, or have found yourself enjoying Dishonored or Deus Ex of late. Trailer is here.
  • A report published on revealed that the Cambridge branch of Guerrilla Games would be shutting, with all staff made redundant. Things like this are always concerning, as while we -in this age- see a few new promising studios form, there’s always a few who find it hard to find work after being turfed out as such. Best of luck to all of them.
  • Hive Jump, which we only just discussed in recent news, has received a launch trailer ahead of it’s launch next week (18th of Jan). Give it a watch here.
  • In another report from, some time was taken detailing upcoming changes to Team 17 who are expanding their ranks with former 505 Games alumni, as well as branching out with a North American division. It’s well worth a read, not least because CEO Debbie Bestwick was on hand to expand the discussion on their plans for the future.
  • DC Universe has released some new content to celebrate its sixth birthday, the content is in the form of an in game event where you fight against the Anti-Monitor. Full details are over on the DCUO blog.
  • Through some pesky scheduling error (we know all about those!) it appears that Ubisoft briefly leaked details of For Honor’s season pass. It’ll include six new warriors, an emote, and a bunch of other strange sounding things.  Details for that are best read over on PC Gamer, who summed up the Reddit information in a fair fashion.
  • The Great Whale Road, which we previewed earlier in the year, is full steam ahead for it’s push to full release, with a recent blog update stating that the game will be hitting full release at some point this quarter. (Blog)
  • Lego City Undercover suddenly received a new trailer today. Why? Because the former Wii U (and kinda 3DS) exclusive will now be launching on PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One in Spring.
  • We’ve already mentioned Codemasters today, but here’s a much better story from the company. Dirt Rally will be receiving a £10 upgrade which will make it compatible with PS VR. A totally worthwhile investment if you’ve got a stomach of iron. More details can be found on the Codies blog.
  • How to Survive 2 will be coming to PS4 & Xbox One in February of this year. To celebrate the news 505 Games released a trailer which shows off some of the co-operative gameplay.

We run these round-ups from Monday to Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow.

If you think we missed something then why not drop it into the comments below? We’ll jump right on getting it fixed.

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