Video Games News Round-up: 11th of January 2017: Hackerception

Hello, and welcome to today’s video games round-up where we settle down at roughly 9PM GMT and link out to the shifts in the industry that we’ve covered, and those that we haven’t.

It’s a crazy, mixed-up world; Where a Kindle’s doorstop cousin (yeah, still not sold on the Echo) can crack out a reference to Mass Effect that most people I know wouldn’t have got; And where a company can make media of a guy who plays a guy who is a hacker in a different form of media playing on yet another form of media as a guy who is a hacker.

And here we are, with Eurogamer noticing, then confirming the Echo’s Mass Effect ‘Easter Egg’, and Rami Malek (Mr Robot) playing Watch_Dogs 2 on Ubisoft’s live stream.

Video Games News, From B3’s Mouth,

Editorial – On Petroglyph’s 8-Bit Invaders
News – New Peek-a-Boo Trailer For Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Launches
News – Sea of Thieves New Gameplay Trailer Explains Co-op & Treasure Hunting
News – BRUT@L Heading to PC
News – Toby: The Secret Mine Now Has WiiU Release Date
News – Halo Wars 2: Blitz Mode Beta Detailed; Trailer’d

And, here’s what we didn’t get the chance to cover, from the source.
  • THQ Nordic are partnering up with Microsoft to sort out a physical release of the Windows 10 version of Halo Wars 2.  (Press Release)
  • Diluvion has it’s release date confirmed for February 2nd, the undersea-strategy-survival title also received a nifty trailer.
  • The latest Humble Bundle is the “Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle” which collates only titles with extremely high ratings on Steam; highlights include N++, Pony Island, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and VA-11 Hall-A. Regular readers will remember our N++ Impressions from last year. (Humble Bundle Dot Com)
  • IGN published a video covering the first 30 minutes of Tequila Works’ upcoming Rime, you can check out the video over here.
  • A massive Rainbow Six Siege patch has fixed up several bugs, although also notably added in the ability to pause the character selection/loadout screen, which is always good if EVERY-ONE OF YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY YOUR DUMB TEAM MATES. (Ubisoft Forum)
  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic had it’s PS4 release date confirmed over on the PSBlog, it’ll be launching on Sony’s shores on the 27th of January.
  • Excalibur released a trailer showing off Circuit Breakers’ six player co-operative mode which is coming to that console’s version exclusively.
  • A Verdun update has added in the Highlander Squad, which brings the Scots to the battlefield, The best way to digest the news is through the new trailer that the Verdun team released to their channel.
  • Induction received a confirmed release date of 7th of February; it’ll launch for Steam, and also on Humble and Itch on the PC, Mac & Linux formats. Some of our regular readers may remember our sensual preview of the title from last year.
  • A new trailer was released for Sylvio reminding all that the game will be launching on Xbox One & PS4 on the 13th of this month. The game is a pretty impressive looking horror title which performed fairly well on PC when it launched last year. The trailer is here. Kudos to Gamereactor for the tip.
  • The nigh-unpronounceable UAYEB, from ICA Games, has shown its face in some fresh gameplay footage. The -visually stunning- title has you exploring a deadly, hostile, and VAST world. I do, however, think the voices might need some work, but you can judge that yourself with the trailer – here.
  • Stars in Shadow, the excessively huge 4X title from Ashdar Games has been confirmed as leaving Early Access on the 19th of January. Big fans of the genre should check out the trailer, or the Steam page.
  • Troll and I received a rather snappy story trailer in anticipation for it’s upcoming release on March 21st (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Koei Tecmo released two trailers to reveal that the titles are coming to Steam later this year. You can find them here; Nights of Azure, Atelier Sophie
  • The interesting sounding UnDungeon has launched on Kickstarter; readers will remember when we discussed the game back in December.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn received a, frankly, amazing Story Trailer. You can check it out here.
  • Sunless Sea, from Failbetter Games, has been confirmed as coming to the iPad later this year. The developers confirmed that it will be current to the other builds, although won’t include the Zubmariner content. There’s more details over on their blog. (Also, happy birthday)

We run these round-ups from Monday to Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow.

If you think we missed something then why not drop it into the comments below? We’ll jump right on getting it fixed.

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