Verdungeon — A dice rolling roguelike

When it comes to dice rolling, I rarely play video games that allow me to roll dice within them. I tend to think of it as more of a tabletop affair. However, Verdungeon combines board game concepts and turn-based roguelikes together to make a pretty wonderful game.

In Verdungeon, playing as a strange carrot creature called Carroto, you will move through the dungeons of the Orchard Reign and defeat the herbivores who are crawling within. This character has a pretty unique way of moving, keeping defenses up and combat. Instead of a bunch of fancy weaponry, this is all determined from dice rolls.

Rolling a dice does take up one of your turns, but you then get those numbers in a small bank area below the various stats you use them for. You can then select these numbers for your next move — choosing the four next for an attack or a two for movement when you don’t want to go so far. There are different colored and types of dice that match the color of the action they supply points toward, and if you add a different color then it changes your dice rolled per stat.

This all needs to be juggled carefully, and all while enemies move around you and try to defeat you. It adds a big twist to the roguelike genre, providing a lot of different combinations and changes that can be made to your actions. I got the chance to play Verdungeon briefly at Casual Connect and really enjoyed my time with it. I look forward to the full game!

Verdungeon does not currently have a release date, but you can find more information on the developer’s website.

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