Turn Based Strategy Title, Warbanners Gets Demo

Warbanners, a turn-based strategy game in which players take on a story driven campaign has got itself a demo.
Crasleen Games’s title that features RPG elements has no got itself a demo available to try.  The full title will see 42 missions amongst the story campaign, and the end game being when the player has cemented themselves alongside other ancient legends.
Players will be able to create an army and manage it and decide how they grow by choosing qualities and learning new skills. Assistants can be hired to help manage the research aspect of the game, giving bonuses to catapults, poisoning enemies, etc. The title also allows players to use the environment to their advantage, with bridges being able to be built, barricades, and even the ability to freeze rivers.
Warbanners is due to arrive sometime this Fall, and the demo version will allow 3 missions to be completed. The download link is available here.
Source: Press Release
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