Trailblazers hands on — Claiming the track to secure the boost

Whooshing across tracks, speeding past other players and leaving a trail of paint in your path — see if you can boost enough to make it to the front!

Trailblazers is a cooperative racing experience where you have to paint the track with your team’s color — or slide across your team’s color to gain more speed! In teams of 3 vs 3 you will take to the track, with a goal of making one of the members of your team the fastest in the game.

Unlike normal racing games you are able to paint small amounts of color out from your car, before needing to allow your paint to recharge, to then paint some more. These layers of paint then can be driven on, as long as they are your team’s color, to gain more speed! The bonus speed from boosting grows the longer you ride on your color — so staying on top of it will surely get you to the front of the pack.

The other team will also be painting the track with a different color, covering your own paint. You can continue to paint over it or avoid their color as to not slow yourself down. If you communicate well with your team then you can make perfect paths of paint all the way to the finish line. Or, you can keep your paint and blast it out as someone from the other team gets closer to your own trail, breaking their boost multiplayer.

Trailblazers Orange Track

You don’t have to be the fastest for your team to win in Trailblazers —  sticking behind, laying paint over the other team’s path is a great strategy. Covering the other team’s trails is just as important as being in the lead! Instead of racing it out, you really do need to work together.

Trailblazers also features a wide cast of characters, each with different attributes and cars to ride in. There is a single player story mode included as well, in case you don’t want to take the game on with a team (online or local). I was able to play some of the local co-op mode at the Games Media Brit List Awards, where the game was on show — and boy was it a fun time.

Trailblazers Funfair

Trailblazers takes racing games and teamwork to a whole new level, requiring you to really rely on your team in order to secure the win.

Trailblazers is currently out on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. It is set to release on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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