Total War: Warhammer : Bretonnia Campaign Coming as Free Upgrade on Feb 28th

As announced last November, Creative Assembly will be releasing a free update to make the Bretonnia race playable in the single-player mode of their popular Total War adaptation of the classic Warhammer setting – Total War: Warhammer.

The Bretonnian faction, heavily influenced by the chivalrous French nation of the feudal period, commands a powerful military almost rivalling the Empire -which by that French comparison, is the Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

Inspired by France but also taking heavy nods from Brittany’s (and by extension the Welsh & Cornish) early historical mythos, the faction sees Fey races alongside armour clad knights.

Bretonnia has been playable through multiplayer skirmishes up until now, but has not been playable in the single player campaign.

This all comes as Creative Assembly and Sega take Total War: Warhammer back to retail shelves as a new version, the Old World Edition, which will include the core game alongside a novella, and -kinda obviously- all free content which has been released thus far.

According to the Future Content Blog on their wiki there’s 26 more maps, a new lord, ‘an old friend’, also to come after the Bretonnia race is added in the update.

The update will be free, and will roll out on the 28th of February.

Those who haven’t seen Bretonnia in action can do so with the below match between a dev and a YouTuber as Vampiric lord and Bretonnian Race respectively.

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