Too Many Cooks Hands On — A 3-6 Player Game of Co-Op Culinary Chaos

Too Many Cooks — an adorable, fast-paced, local-multiplayer mobile game — challenges you to communicate with your friends to create tasty dishes before time runs out!

In this alpha build, which has been shown off at WeGeek Utopia and Pocket Gamer Connects, you are thrown into fast-paced cooking action where you must trust your friends, be heard, and do your job efficiently. You and up to five of your friends can all play together, each using your own phone — no central screen is needed.

Once you all have joined a kitchen together, you each spawn in with different job objects. One player might have crates to find ingredients, another a chopping board for prep, a rice cooker, or even a sink to wash up the dishes. Most of these jobs just require tapping — though some do take some time to complete. You also have limited inventory space, which is where these job objects (as well as objects you need for recipes and the recipes themselves) appear. The interesting thing about the way Too Many Cooks works is through moving objects around — if you spawn in with too many jobs or jobs you don’t like, you can simply pass it onto another player.

You end up doing a lot of passing objects around as orders start to come in! Orders appear in everyone’s inventory — meaning everyone gets various recipes they must complete in their own station. You need to fill your own orders and do your jobs to help your friends complete theirs. This might mean shouting out what type of fish you need for sushi, cooking up a serving of rice, or just passing a clean dish along to another player. When you get an object you need for your recipe, it’s as simple as dragging it onto the recipe itself to start creating it. Once the dish is finished, you can tap it to serve – then continue helping with the next.

In its current state, Too Many Cooks features sushi recipes, but the developers are planning on adding ramen and curry recipes before release. I am always a fan of cooking games — but this cooking-based game absolutely takes the cake when it comes to mobile party games! I really love the chaotic shouting, feeling of completion and the various jobs you can try out. It is super easy to connect with your friends and play a few quick rounds — there is even a training portion of the game where you can get used to things before you start the real game.

Too Many Cooks is currently available in an alpha state for Android and iOS so grab your friends and try it out for yourself! You can also follow development at the developer’s newly made Twitter account @manymanycooks.

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