Tiny Game Dev Let’s You Build a Gaming Development Company From Your Mobile

Anshar Studios are releasing a title called, Tiny Game Dev, and in a nutshell…it lets you build a Game Dev company on your iOS device.

Building your own Game Dev Studio has never been easier thanks to Anshar Studios. The release yesterday (26th January 2017) saw Tiny Game Dev arrive on iOS devices.

The game is set in a cartoon themed world and allows you to manage employees, expand offices, organise budgets, develop games, and much more. It seems to host a rather generic mobile phone game layout, but otherwise looks like it could be a good clicker simulation type game.

You’ll have to build new floors as you hire new people, and upgrade their skills. Games will be able to have genres, themes and platforms chosen for each title, as well as having the player manage the production budgets and choose the title, or even have the title randomly generated.

The mobile game will feature,

  • Randomly generated titles.
  • Humor based on popular video games.
  • Different themes, genres, and platforms to choose from.
  • Upgradable floors.
  • Achievement system.

The game is available for iOS devices, and will be coming soon for Android, and the Windows Store.

Source: Press Release



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  1. Dann Sullivan says

    I always see games like this and remember Kairosoft’s outstanding Game Dev Story. Hard to beat for sure.

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