The Mind has you guessing amongst friends, hoping to not cost them the game

When it comes to card games, there is a large variety of them. The Mind is a two to four player card game for ages eight and above that doesn’t involve much talking at all, yet has everyone working as a team, trying to complete various levels of the game. The game itself is also super simple to understand. 

There are various levels, showcased by a deck of Level cards. You will place this deck off to the side, so that everyone can see. You will then deal out some number cards to the players playing. The number of number cards you all get depends on the player count and the level that you are on, with more cards coming as the levels increase. Some of the level cards give rewards if you win the level, but we will get to that in a moment.

The Mind

When everyone has their number cards, the game begins. You see, these number cards are numbered from one to 100. You and your fellow players will be looking to place down your cards, starting with the lowest and ending with the highest, without making any mistakes and without talking. Now, this is a challenge, as you will be playing a waiting game, trying to figure out how likely it is that someone has a lower card than you, before placing it.

To help you out, there are two types of bonus cards that you all get, as a team. One of them is lives — The Mind starts with a set number of lives, and they are removed as mistakes are made. Another bonus card comes in the form of shurikens, which you also start with a few of. These shurikens allow all players to place their lowest card, face up in front of them, all at the same time. These cards are then not added to the line up of numbers, but are used to continue on with the level. Both lives and shuriken can be earned from completing various levels in the game. 

The Mind is a quiet game to play but it is intense. You will find yourself waiting, staring at your team, hoping you are not making a big mistake. Getting through rounds feels so amazing, especially if you aren’t talking much at all, which makes for a really engaging game. And you do need to keep your eyes peeled, especially if someone ends up placing a card that you have a card really close too in number, and you need to quickly jump in and place it! 

The Mind is a small, quick game that you can throw into your bag — take around to your friends house and easily play with most people. The rules couldn’t be simpler and it’s quite easy to learn, reset and continue playing.

You can find The Mind on Amazon.

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