The Little Acre Launches on iOS Tomorrow

Curve Digital, and developer Pewter Games, will -tomorrow- release an iOS version of The Little Acre.

The Little Acre, which launched late last year, follows the story of Aiden & Lily, a father and daughter living in 1950’s Ireland who head into a mysterious world seeking Aiden’s missing father. It’s outstanding point & click adventure game that delivers on all of the genre’s pillars – story, puzzles, and humour.

Aside from the compelling story and humour, the game is all entirely hand-drawn by a team of animators who studied on a course funded by animation legend Don Bluth. The visuals are definitely one of the major selling points, although the writing is completely on point:

The Little Acre is a really well written, and directed, adventure game, with little jokes and quirky happenings punctuating most of the scenes of the game” – From our PS4 review of the title last year – you can read that here.

With the release of the game on iOS it will be available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and -as of tomorrow- iOS.

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