Thargoids -Aliens- Appear in Elite Dangerous

Players in Elite: Dangerous have started having extraterrestrial encounters – no, not as in things that aren’t on Earth, which is all of the game, what I mean is alien creatures.

As pushed out by the Elite Dangerous Twitter account, a player (on the Xbox One) has been pulled from jump by a large, alien vessel.

This isn’t the first mention of aliens in Elite: Dangerous, there have been reports previous of strange noises in ships following jumps (July, Eurogamer); and with the most recent expansion some strange structures appeared on certain planets. (Elite Dangerous Wiki)

People are throwing the Thargoid name around, mainly because the developers confirmed they are still around in the modern title during the Kickstarter, but also because they were the only known alien race from earlier on in the series’ history.

Thargoids are reportedly, as per the earlier titles, a hostile faction, insectoid in nature. They cannot be bargained with, and lust only for war and conflict. Their ships in Frontier were polygonal in shape, although the insect nature would certainly tie in to the almost flower-like, shape that we see above.

Elite: Dangerous’ season structure, with updates alongside new content, is rarely as celebrated as equally forward-thinking titles Hitman & Rainbow Six: Siege, however moments like this show that it deserves praise. Bravo.

Elite: Dangerous is available on Windows, Mac and Xbox One, it’s set to release onto PS4 in Q2 of this year.

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