Survive Primal Africa in Voodoo, Crowdfunding now.


Brain in the Box, a fresh-faced Turin based developer started in 2014, have teamed up with games distribution network IndieGala to seek funding for their new, multiplayer-centric survival title Voodoo.

Voodoo takes place in a primal setting inspired by early African civilisation, of rich plains and giant beasts dominating a world where humanity has yet to fully take control of the land. The game looks set to follow the standard traditions of the multiplayer-survival genre with building and crafting elements to sate players between inevitable PVP clashes.

In addition to the PVP and crafting however, the game’s real selling point comes in its Izimu, gigantic beings that will dominate the landscape when they appear. They’re tough fights, and certainly not something a single person should try to take down on their own. The developers have made clear that the Izimu fights are inspired by the scale of the giant foes of PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus.

Each of these Izimu are bearers of technology, and if felled then those that bested it will unlock new items to craft and objects to upgrade their tribe with. While there is no mention of the variety of Izimu that journey around the game world, we do know that there are plans for over 8000 weapon variations. The 8000+ count comes from the fact that different materials, styles, and technologies all add different effects and qualities to the weapons.

Backers will get access to an early access build which features the first Izimu fight.

Brain in the box are seeking a meager €30,000 before January 1st in order to fund development of Voodoo. You can find out more details over on their Kickstarter [Here].

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