Supergiant Games’ Pyre’s Multiplayer Mode Detailed; Trailer’d

Supergiant Games have detailed the multiplayer mode of their next title, Pyre, at Playstation Experience 2016.

Pyre, originally announced back in April of this year, is the third title from Supergiant Games, creators of Bastion & Transistor.

We already knew that it was going to shake up the formula of their two, well-received, titles in that it would not be focused around a single character, instead telling the tale of a group of exiles seeking out absolution through entering into a competition which will give some of them a chance to return to their earlier lives. However, the developer has stated now that the game will also contain a head to head versus mode.

Quite a few details were released relating to the new mode over on the PlayStation Blog, including news that at current the mode is local multiplayer only, and that it will not effect a player’s progress throughout the single player experience.

In the versus mode each player controls three units, which they can switch between at any moment. Each of the characters available to play in the mode has their own abilities, meaning that there will be quite a lot of freedom for players to develop and exercise tactics. The aim of the mode is to get an orb to the rival team’s pyre and extinguish the flame.

The developers also confirmed that in the absence of amigos, you will be able to play the mode against AI opponents.

Pyre is set to launch simultaneously for PC and PS4 at some point in 2017, as with Transistor the game is unlikely to launch for Xbox One due to development commitments.

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