Stardew Valley Console Release Dates Confirmed, WII U Version Shelved for Switch Version

Stardew Valley developer, Chucklefish, has confirmed in a blog post that the Wii U version has been cancelled to make way for a Switch version, and that the Xbox One and PS4 versions have set release dates.

Stardew Valley, the Harvest-Moon inspired slice-of-life, farming RPG that launched on PC earlier this year, has done extremely well since launch, with over 1.8 million users having bought the title in the just-over nine months since launch.

Console versions of the game has been a regular talking point regarding the game, with the developer previously stating that the game would be ported over to the home consoles.

In a blog post on the 29th the developer confirmed the below release dates for the Xbox One & The PS4.

“Stardew Valley will launch in North America for the PS4 on December 13th, 2016.

Stardew Valley will launch in Europe for the PS4 and globally for the Xbox One on December 14th, 2016.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One (globally) and PS4 (Europe only) will begin on November 30th, 2016.”

At the same time they also confirmed that the game would no longer be releasing onto the Wii U, as Nintendo’s Switch is set to release next year, and the developer believes that the consoles “unique capabilities could create some exciting opportunities for Stardew Valley.”


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