SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary Trailer Released by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco have released a trailer celebrating 20 years of SoulCalibur titles.

It’s been nearly twenty years since SoulCalibur first launched, with the original launching on the 20th of December in 1996 according to the freshly launched Project Soul website.

Project Soul, the developer of the long running series, initially launched Soul Edge (localised to Soul Blade) in arcades and later on the first PlayStation, it found major success on both spawning the series as most of it know it.

With eight SC titles under the developers belt as well as those 20 years there’s certainly cause for celebration. However, it would also be very nice if on the stated date of the 20th anniversary a new game was announced – huh, huh?

Of course, this is likely just wishful thinking; if the developer was going to announce anything they would likely have done it at the recent PSX experience alongside Ni No Kuni & Ace Combat.

The series has undergone a lot of changes, with a massive open map campaign in II making way to more cinematic stories ultimately culminating in V’s restricted, future-set story which followed the two children of series staple Sophitia as one attempts to rid the other of an affliction caused by the notorious blade.. Meanwhile we’ve also seen character customisation increase to crazy levels, III’s Tales of Souls mode, and the armour breaking added in later entries.

SoulCalibur is 20 years old on the 20th of December, you can find the trailer to celebrate below.

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