Solve clever puzzles to claim a crown in browser-based Crown Dungeon

Claim the throne of a long-dead king in Crown Dungeon, a fun puzzle game which you only need your mouse cursor to play.

There’s a delight to be found in self-aware games, willing to break the fourth wall. Crown Dungeon, from Drawnmaneater, does that — and does it with style. Some puzzles require you to move outside of the frame of the game, others require you to drag items into each other to make them break conventional game logic. Your cursor itself is even an item in one puzzle, with you having to free the icon that normally symbolises it in game.

Crown Dungeon’s charm comes in these clever, accessible puzzles and also in its wonderful, bizarre art. The strange, furry creatures you guide through the deadly dungeon is never really explained, nor the giant hand that continually goads you by holding the crown just out of reach.

Crown Dungeon

The dungeons of wizards and witches are quirky, the storm clouds and twisted-faced monsters are peculiar, the scratchy spikes and abundance of eyes is… noticeable. But it all makes for a fun little puzzle game I would have kept playing for at least a few hours had it more than the little over thirty scenes included. Still, it made for a compelling ten minutes of play, as well as another few once I realised there was a second ending, assuming you collected all six golden skulls.

Crown Dungeon can be played right now in your browser. All you need is your cursor to play. It’s a whole lot of fun, and the puzzles are both smart and fun.

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