Sine Requie: Snake Eyes hands on — surviving zombies through various characters’ personalities

Using your team to the best of your abilities to survive in a strange version of 1954 where the world is full of flesh-eating zombies, Sine Requie: Snake Eyes takes you on a journey through the investigations of Inquisitor Rossano Mazzoni.

Your team travels the land, searching for more information on what is going on in the world — as well as the heretic cult behind Rossano Mazzoni. This investigation is long and hard in the dying world — the living dead move around, posing a further threat.

Each of the four characters in your team have their own abilities and uses: an older gentleman who is very knowledgeable; a younger man who can fight well; a women who is charming and a good fighter; and a third, cloaked figure who rounds out the mystery part of the group.

Sine Requie Map

Sine Require: Snake Eyes is a turn-based RPG where each character can interact differently with the various people of the town. Their attitudes and who you select to speak heavily impact the story and the routes you are able to take. The fierce man, for example, can suggest looting bodies while the others might just want to move on after a fight.

Looking through the various suggestions and words each person would like to say and selecting the best options is a key part of the story. Along with that, card-based battles take over the screen at various points in the game.

When it comes to facing zombies, your team take turns making moves. Once again, each team member has various moves they can make — either to other members of the team, themselves or the zombies directly. Once you have selected your action, you can then select the zombie or character to perform it at.

Sine Requie Conversation

Above each (selectable) character’s head, there are a number of cards and sometimes a skull. The cars dictate how many cards (or options) you get during an action. The skull means that this is a difficult move, and the game will pick the worse of the two cards for your final action. Cards determine if the action passes, fails or has other effects (helping stabilize the team, doing damage to yourself or breaking your weapon).

As you travel around the map, learning information and fighting through hordes of zombies, you slowly decrease in stability. Actions during battle and stopping to rest greatly help keep you and your team alive.

Sine Requie Cards

I had the chance to take on Sine Requie: Snake Eyes on mobile at Casual Connect. This game feels super nice on mobile devices — providing a story along with flowing gameplay. The demo wasn’t that long, though you were able to really get a feel and taste of this up-and-coming, well made game.

If you’d like to see more info about the game, you can check out the developer’s website or wish list it on Steam below.

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