Radical Rabbit Stew hands on — Space chefs solving rabbit-filled puzzles!

Serving up more than just your grandma’s recipes, in Radical Rabbit Stew you must stop the rabbits from imprisoning all of your chef friends!

In this super-cute puzzle game, you have been harmed by the space kingdom as they were jealous of your legendary soup. You worked at the space diner along with various other chefs creating delicious food for the entire galaxy. The rabbit queen got jealous of your food and has sent her rabbit minions to stop your cooking! You were able to hide from her, escaping with your life, and now must save your fellow chefs.

You still have your loyal silver spoon, which can be used to whack rogue rabbits into pots, which blast them off into outer space, back to their queen. Each level has a number of rabbits that all need to be whacked into pots to move onto the next. You can whack them off the ground at times, but that’s not where they need to go. You need to get them into their pots and back to their queen.

The levels in Radical Rabbit Stew have various trampolines to bounce rabbits off, or breakable blocks that need to be smashed through, forcing you to think about your actions before smashing them. If a rabbit gets too close to you, it will eat you up resulting in you needing to restart the level.

Radical Rabbit Stew Launch

Radical Rabbit Stew not only has super-polished levels, but comes complete with a very good intro sequence and a wonderful level-select area. Your chef moves around to each new level, bounces a rabbit into it, then goes in themselves! At the end of each level, your chef puts on their cool glasses and returns to this screen.

Radical Rabbit Stew Map

I got the chance to play Radical Rabbit Stew at the Nordic Game Conference 2018 and really enjoyed my time with the title. As someone who plays loads of puzzle games, this one really is so well done and has such great theme it is definitely a game to look out for.

Currently, there’s not a lot of solid information about the release of Radical Rabbit Stew, but you can check out their website!

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  1. Dann Sullivan says

    I really, really enjoyed this — couldn’t put it down. It was just so juicy and full of life… cannot wait for the full game.

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