She Remembered Caterpillars is a beautiful, yet challenging puzzler

Some games are just so visually striking that they take root in your brain and stick there until you get the chance to play them. She Remembered Caterpillars is one such, so once it was released on Nintendo Switch, I figured it was time to feed the impulse.

This puzzle game is very, very tricky — especially as you work through the levels, and more characters are added to them. She Remembered Caterpillars takes you into a strange fantasy world where caterpillar-esque bridges and pillars block off areas unless you are a specific color. The various characters that you can control are shaped people who can combine two of themselves to become an entirely new color.

That’s where the puzzle aspects come in. Specific colors can go over their matching bridges, as can combination characters that use one of the colors of that bridge. When there are strange pillars that block off areas, you’ll be basically doing the opposite — any color except from the color on the pillar, or a combination that includes the color of the pillar, can move through.

Your goal is to get each individual character over to a white flower, so that they can then take off into the sky and journey to the next area. Many of these puzzles are very challenging. I found myself playing a bit, getting stuck and then just putting away my console until I could come back to it with a fresh mind. After a night’s sleep, or some time away, I would simply pick it back up and continue — suddenly able to see exactly what I was doing wrong.

Along with the strange, unique graphics there are little bits of story sprinkled throughout the game; specifically in between each level. The story talks of a child and a parent — their relationship shaky at times. Slowly, through brief glimpses, the story also gives some background to the strange creatures you are playing as and the dream-like world they are currently habiting.

When playing She Remembered Caterpillars on the Nintendo Switch, you can either use touch controls or use the controllers. I did a bit of both, relying on touch controls at the start of the game and then using the controllers when it came to later levels. For me, it was  easier to combine the different characters, and systematically move through the various creatures, with the JoyCon. The Nintendo Switch feels like the perfect platform for this puzzler, it’s a snackable game which you can take it along with you. She Remembered Caterpillars feels unique in more ways than one — if you’re looking for a lovely yet challenging puzzle game that comes with just a touch of mystery then it’s something worth picking up.

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You can find She Remembered Caterpillars on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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