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Save the World by Reaching the Core of an Asteroid in ‘The Superfluous’ – Now in Early Access


The Superfluous, a rogue-lite, sci-fi platformer, has launched onto Steam’s Early Access platform, and has done so at an extremely affordable price made even more so by a discount.

Regular readers of the site will remember when we covered the game as it made its way through Greenlight back in July [Here], but for those of you who are not familiar with the game then it’s a doozy.

The Earth is scheduled to be destroyed by an asteroid rapidly closing in on our location, the only way to stop this calamity is to destroy it from within. You play as a squad of four scientist-cum-explorers who have to make their way to the inner core of the asteroid, through all of its strange and diverse ecosystems, and using whatever destructive tools you have at your disposal in order to save the day.

Its sci-fi and alien settings are where the game comes into its own however. Each of your four scientists can be given loadouts before you start, these can focus on getting the best out of defence, offence or exploration (you get a wicked jetpack guys). Weapons in the game are explosive and deadly, with lasers and rockets replacing your swords and bows.

The settings and environments though – just watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean. In the final version biomes are are dotted with neon glow, floating fish, and shiny gem-stones. Even in its darkest moments you’ll not be far from something twinkling or eye-catching. That said, remember you are using explosives and laser beams as weapons, so even in the pitchest-black you can light up the place with ease.

As I said at the start, the game is a roguelite, rather than a roguelike, in this comes the persistent unlocks and upgrades. Although your characters are cloned back to life when killed, they do so reset to level 0. There’s also a perk and character unlock system, as well as co-op and plans for a whole lot more.

The Superfluous launched on November 22nd, you can find a gameplay trailer and link to the Steam Store below.

Source: IndieDB


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