Sades Spirit Headset — Simple, soft and cute.

Sades have released their new, multiplatform Spirit line of headsets. They come in a range of colors (including pink!) and are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. After playing around with the pink version of the Sades Spirit Headset, I have found this headset to be pretty solid value for money.

It’s a wired headset, with a 3.5 mm 4-pole jack — for your Xbox, Playstation, phone, tablet or VR — as well as a Y cable that can be plugged in for PC use. Functionally it’s there, but there aren’t many bells and whistles with this lightweight headset. Along with soft, pillowy ear muffs, there is an adjustable microphone that works well enough when it comes to talking to your friends. It also features a volume control and a mute button. The mute button is pretty interesting as there isn’t a light to tell you when it’s muted or anything, and the placement of the button is actually on the back of the headset for me, behind my ear — so to speak — which is a slightly strange spot. It’s worth mentioning this button only works when using the headset with console and doesn’t seem to work with PC or mobile platforms.

The Sades Spirit Headset has good audio quality — you can hear well through them and it blocks out most background noise that you might have in your house. The cables are a decent length too, making it good for any device that you might need to plug it into. From the back of your PC to your controller – it’s going to reach. 

Plugging in the headset, my computer easily adjusted for use, which is always good to see, and the microphone picked up my voice easily enough. The headset does it’s job and, for the price, is a good headset for those looking for something versatile that will work with a bunch of different devices. I quite like the color pink — it’s a nice blush pink with white accents — which is a perk. As the headset is lightweight, it may come off as a bit flimsy, but having a headset that just does its job means that it can be more lightweight instead of hard and bulky. 

Sades Spirit Headset

I quite like how simple this headset is to use and how minimal it is when it comes to being a headset — it’s a great  budget headset, especially for those who want something that can work with a bunch of different devices or who want something simple to use and easy to wear. 

You can find the Sades Spirit Headset on Amazon.

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