Rogue Voltage has you plugging in and organising your tools

Rogue Voltage is a mix of a roguelike deckbuilder and an automation game, creating something unlike I’ve ever seen before. You will be connecting your own modules, which allow you to make a sort of machine. This machine is then used to attack others, gain coins, gather electricity and so much more.

In Rogue Voltage, you have a sort of inventory of different modules. These modules can do a number of things from creating energy to providing coins to helping with your ability to attack monsters. You will be connecting these modules and using them to create the machine that’s best for you. Using this machine, you will then be zapping monsters, trying to destroy them before they destroy you.

The fighting structure of Rogue Voltage is turn-based, however, there is a whole time-control element to the game, which lets you move forward or backwards in time to dodge your enemies or create more powerful attacks. At the top of the screen, you can see the timeline, where each player attacks, and what is currently going on. You can then change these timelines through your actions, to better create something good for you.

The concept of controlling your machines, when you attack, and time itself feels unique and creates a bunch of different strategic moves that can be made per round. Mastering all of these elements is more of a challenge then you might think! As you do defeat enemies and move forward, you can follow procedurally generated paths that can have you finding shops to purchase new modules at, more enemies, or mysterious areas that might just have something new happening to you. 

Rogue Voltage is a complex game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play. It’s a unique twist on the genre, something new and interesting, and is captivating enough to keep you playing. I got the chance to play a bit of Rogue Voltage at Devcom, where I was surprised by how unique the game is!

You can currently wishlist Rogue Voltage on Steam ahead of it’s launch in early 2024.

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