Robots In The Wild; Drop Puzzle Meets Building, Survival to Assemble on Early Access this Month

You are a heart cube, and you’ve got to build up a robotic body to survive until your people come to save you from the deadly dangers of The Wild.

Robots In The Wild has come a long way since I first saw it back at the end of 2015; functionally the game is still the same; you build blocks up (well, drop blocks in) to assemble robots which then serve to save and defend the oh-so criticlal <HEARTS> block that serves as the core of your base. Day becomes night and safety becomes danger as obscenely oversized enemies flood out from either side of the map and try to eat the heart block.

Indeed, the improvements are largely visual, the game now has much more detail in both backgrounds and the enemies; although the audio work remains the same, but that’s for a very good reason. You see, the developer is actually a beatboxer, who created all of the sound effects themselves. Yes.

Anyway, the meat of the message here is that the game now has an early access release date; it’s set to launch onto Steam EA on February 15th for $9.99.

The time in early access is to be used expanding the amount of planets in the game from 16 up to 64; the robots from 10 up to 32; and to give the game’s big boss three compadres.

You can get a decent glimpse at the gist of the game through the below trailer; including some of the -critical- bot assembly that will make use of the deluge of drops you’ll distribute.

You can find the game’s Steam page through the below widget.

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