Greenlight Highlight | Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Title: Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
Developer: Doborog Games
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?


What is it?

It’s a series of lethal, gladiatorial bouts with the player facing off against droves of malicious, laser-sword (and more) wielding cyborgs, as a recently made cyborg. Fast paced, dynamic, and featuring cool physics that rend characters in as realistic a fashion as the game might.

The game currently has 20 levels and a mass of enemies; there’s also an endless mode as well as a Twitch enabled mode that sees viewers bet on and against the player, when they’re not spending the winnings on pumping death machines into the arena.

As detailed on the Greenlight page there’s already a demo available, which can be grabbed over on

How can you refuse a game with high-quality disembowelment like this?

When’s it due?

The game is already playable, so it’s likely to launch into early access shortly after passing greenlight. It’ll be available for Windows & Mac.

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