RIG 600 Pro HS – High Quality Sound!

When taking the RIG 600 Pro HS out of the box, I was a little concerned at first, as it looked as if these headphones were broken. You see, they come with the ears of them disconnected from the plastic headband, allowing you to pop them into one of three spaces. This replaces needing to adjust the top of the headband to fit your ears, but is a bit of a shock if you are not expected it! The ears themselves are easy to pop in and out, allowing a different way to adjust that doesn’t have a space to get your hair caught in them, which I enjoyed!

Once you put on the RIG 600 Pro HS, with your ears connected where you want them to be, I found that this headset was very easy to wear. The padding is lovely, and it feels like a headset that could be used for quite some time to come. Talking more about the headset’s design itself, the headband is made of thinner plastic, which does feel slightly less durable then other headsets I’ve previously used, especially when pulling on them, but it’s very clear that at this price point, this headset focuses a lot on sound quality!

On the headset itself, there are a few different buttons; an On button that has a small light, indicating if the battery is low, along with a volume dial, a multifunction button that can pause or play sound, and a bluetooth button at the very top, away from everything else so that you don’t mistakenly press it, but can still use it when you don’t connect with the 2.4Ghz wireless USB, which I did use instead. When turning on the RIG 600 Pro HS, the headset let me know that it was connected and the current battery level – which is a nice touch. I simply plugged in the USB-C dongle into the USB cord that it came with, and plugged it into my computer. Within minutes, the device was working perfectly.

RIG 600 Pro HS

This headset also has a little pop-out microphone as well, which looks quite sleek. This microphone is within the left earpiece, and does require you to put pressure on the very bottom of it to get it open. This was a little bit of a learning curve while the headset was on my head, but I feel that it is really something that’s personal preference when it comes to having the microphone out all the time, closing it often, and opening it on your head. It does beep to let you know that it’s connected!

Now, onto the sound quality. I was really impressed with the sound quality for this price point, on the RIG 600 Pro HS. This headset is ideal for gaming – the directional audio can be used to really feel immersed in the games that you are playing, especially with the built-in Dolby Atmos compatibility. It is also worth noting that the RIG 600 Pro HS headset has it’s own mobile app called Navigator. You are able to download this and then make adjustments to what you hear and how your microphone takes in sound, dependent on what you want out of your headset. This level of control is great for those that want a more customized experience, but if you aren’t one to download a mobile app for your headset, the headset works fantastically without it too. Even listening to normal TV shows on your computer provides a good sound experience. If you are less into the tech behind the sound and just want to hear things well and clearly, you don’t need to mess around with it at all!

The battery life for this wireless headset is around 18 hours, on a full charge when connected wirelessly. If you are connecting via Bluetooth, you’ll get a bit more juice out of it at 24 hours. The headset does charge quite quickly though, so you can re-charge it when you are not using the headset, in about an hour. This feels like a good amount of time. Overall, the RIG 600 Pro HS feels like a great headset for the price, especially if you are looking for fantastic sound quality!

You can pick up a RIG 600 Pro HS Headset from their website.

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