Block Party tests your quickfire building ability

Block Party is a really fun, two-to-six player game that is all about creating pictures using little blocks! We played the game as a group of more than two, using the various cards to pick what we made, but there is a board for two players which forgoes the guesser role — making this a very fun and balanced two-player game.

But, let’s get into how you play Block Party. Each player gets a sort of flat board area, so that they aren’t building something too huge. In the middle of the table is a score tracker and loads of little colored blocks. In each round, one player is the designated guesser, who must have the timer and read the challenge card. These challenge cards give you a time limit to build, as well as a bonus challenge like building the tallest picture or building with the least amount of colors.

Block Party

All players also have a card which has a bunch of different objects. If you are not a guesser, you will need to pick an object from your list and then try to build this. You cannot pick the same object twice, so I found myself using the prompt to pick the best object to fit into whatever I was trying to complete for the extra point. 

Block Party

After the timer is up, the guesser then goes around and tries to guess what each person’s picture is. If the guesser gets the picture correct, they get a point and so does the person who created the picture. If the guesser gets it wrong, each player does have one chance per round to steal a guess on any incorrect answers from the guesser. If the steal is correct, both the designer of the picture and the person who steals gets a point. At the end of the guessing, whoever completes the task the best also gets an additional point. The game goes around until you run out of prompts to create on your card.

There are a lot of really fantastic little creations made from the blocks, especially as you can only take one block at a time, and place it, so nobody can grab big piles or hoard blocks. It quickly becomes a game of figuring out what you are doing and then simplistically designing it – and we had some great outcomes. Block Party feels good for all ages and is a real joy to play.

You can grab a copy of Block Party on Amazon.

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