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It’s time for the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia as we cruise through Macbat 64!

As time and technology move forward it is undeniable that we seek what once comforted us as children. I could write an entire piece on how powerful nostalgia is but you need no further evidence than games like Shovel Knight, Saturday Morning RPG and now Macbat 64.

Macbat 64

On the heels of the hotly anticipated Yooka Laylee, Macbat 64 is a bite sized 3d puzzle platformer. All the more so, Macbat is a wonderful example of game mechanics from the N64 era, where Goldeneye reigned supreme, and Ocarina of Time was your Skyrim. The N64 changed a generation of gamers with ideas that seemed impossible. It brought gamers into Mushroom kingdoms, their own personal farms, and it gave us bad fur days.

Macbat 64Now before we tackle story, features, etc about Macbat I feel it important to note that Macbat is a tour of nostalgia. While I feel hesitant to call it almost a tech demo, it feels like it in a weird way. The game oozes with charm, love and admiration for gaming and its history. However this isn’t a three hour tour, as a matter of fact if you don’t stop and smell the low polygon roses it’s only about an hour of gameplay. That may seem short to some, but we already covered the power of nostalgia.

Macbat 64There are about ten levels in Macbat and each of them covers a broad range of visual styles, puzzles, and gameplay styles. The visuals are by far the most attention worthy thing about Macbat and the thing most will admire about this title. Playing in the old standard 4:3 definition feels odd at first, but it represents the time. This may be one of those titles you play in windowed mode unless you don’t mind black side bars. Either way, happily, it doesn’t take away from the N64 era aesthetic.

Gameplay consists of finding hidden items or coins and using them in the proper order. It’s not anything really all that complicated but some levels are trickier then others. What the puzzle elements do manage to make you do is explore and enjoy the theme of the level. One level has you hunting for balloons, another keys in a haunted house, or screws for a freaking time machine. It’s cute and simple enough to make you smile. There is a very light story here but that is best enjoyed in the game.

There are a few gripes that I have, mostly things with like replay value. On the other hand the game is made well and Macbat does come across as a genuine experience.

Macbat 64

The music is playful and the sounds are as well. This definitely adds to the nostalgia of the title as you’re playing through it.

If you take anything away from this review remember one thing. This is purely for a retro enthusiast and is not going to be everyone’s cup ‘o tea. The game is fun but it is short. I would’ve loved to seen this be a longer, more fully realized experience. Coming in at $4.99/£4.09 its not going to break the bank. So if you are a lover of the N64 era of games and want a dose of that lovely thing called nostalgia. Enjoy!

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