Realpolitiks Release Date Confirmed, Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Realpolitiks, from developer Jujubee, is – as it turns out- rapidly approaching its release date of mid February.

To mark the announcement of the February 16th release date, publisher 1C Company, released a new trailer for the title which shows off some of the gameplay in the upcoming, modern-day, grand strategy title.

We covered the title recently, discussing a lot of the game’s features as well as some of the interesting world-state scenarios that are included in the title. I was especially interested in the title because of the setting, however what is probably most interesting is the alternate future settings which see several interesting blocs and unions form while others falter.

Realpolitiks releases on Windows, Mac & Linux on the 16th of February via Steam. You can find a widget linking to the Steam page below the trailer.

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