Punzel das Spiel challenges you to escape the castle

It’s a classic childhood tale; The princess is stuck in the castle, waiting to escape. Punzel das Spiel is a simple looking point and click adventure game, with minimal story and a big focus on puzzle solving and social interactions! 

Punzel das Spiel has you playing as a trapped little princess, who is currently in the Overlord’s castle. People have tried to save her, but the Overlord is vicious and kills anyone who comes near. The princess doesn’t really care much about being saved at this point and is instead mostly just very bored. 

So, you must befriend various different creatures and characters in the castle to be able to have more interactions, and hopefully someday escape. Punzel das Spiel has a lot of social interactions that are done through understanding who you are interacting with. There isn’t a conversation to pick the reply to or some written notes to talk to people. Instead, you need to understand what the creatures need (food, or to be left alone, for example) and what others want (your attention, for example). You then need to make decisions on how you are interacting with them until you become friends or they leave. 

Punzel das Spiel

Through becoming friends with the creatures you are able to gather information on the Overlord, and keep it in your journal. This can, ultimately, help you with your final escape plan. 

When I played the demo of Punzel das Spiel at Devcom this year, I found myself captivated with puzzles. In most point and click adventure games, the puzzles feel obvious but in this one, it’s more about context clues and understanding how others feel. I found this type of puzzle to be really unique and also very fun to discover.

Punzel das Spiel currently has a demo on Steam and you can wishlist the game ahead of it’s launch.

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