PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch – Master Sword

Budgetary Buttons

The PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is a solid, cost-effective controller option.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the best option for playing most Switch games, and is certainly one of the best controllers on the market. It certainly isn’t cheap though, clocking in at over £60. Whilst it’s lacking some features from the pro controller, the PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch offers a decent alternative at a knock-down price. 

This controller works well on both Nintendo Switch and PC, even though the box only mentions working on Switch. This being a Nintendo-licensed product means that the button and stick layout are identical to the wireless pro controller, with all those buttons having a similar feel to the real deal. The bumpers and triggers feel nice and clicky, but the face buttons feel a little spongy for my liking.

PowerA Wired Controller
The art on the controller is great.

There are also two back buttons, much like PowerA’s other controllers. These can be programmed to act as one of the face buttons, triggers, or stick buttons. There’s only one button for programming this controller, unlike its RGB cousins, so there’s no faffing about checking which special button does what. Hold down the button, press the button you want, press the back button you want to bind it to, and you’re done.

Very noticeable when you open up the box is the design on the controller, which is just wonderfully well done. The Legend of Zelda design on the one I have is really impressive and looks quite striking on the white background. Both of my kids immediately wanted to play with it simply because it looked so neat. PowerA have a large range of this same controller with an enormous number of different designs on them, so you’re bound to find one that you like.

PowerA Wired Controller
What better game to play with a Zelda controller than…Mario Kart!

At under £30, it’s hard to knock this controller option, but it certainly is lacking in features present in Nintendo’s own device: There’s no rumble, no IR sensor, and no motion controls here. This is understandable considering the cost, but it’s worth noting if you were intending to play motion-sensitive games. It’s also very lightweight, feeling almost flimsy, so more heavy-handed gamers might not want to go with this choice.

That aside, the PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is a great, cheaper alternative to the much pricier wireless controller options, and might be a good choice if you want an additional player involved without breaking the bank.

This controller and a range of alternative designs are available now.

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