Posable Heroes Makes Players Animate the Main Characters, Currently On Steam Greenlight

Posable Heroes is a creative title that is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight, and the latest trailer shows off some fancy gameplay.

The title, developed by Stochastic Lints, is a rather adorable looking puzzler in which the player takes control of the main characters animations. Players will take control of the entire body and will see them trying to find the right animation to help their character get out of the situation that they’re in.

Posable Heroes takes on a paper cut out art style, and the animations are created by the player by using keyframes. It’s a system that will require some patience, but it’s also a very intuitive idea, and I’d imagine with a wide range of animations being created, there’s a good amount of replayability lying in there too. Levels grow harder as you progress, with earlier levels being simply, push a button, or opening a door, but over time you’ll find yourself having to grab ropes, punch characters, and more. With unlimited resets and unlimited keyframes, this is certainly a great title for experimenting it seems.

The game will also host a level editor, but currently is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight to bring it to the store.

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