Plunder Dungeons has procedural fun

Plunder Dungeons has you making your way through a mysterious dungeon, where you cannot really see what you are up against until you are right there battling against them! In this game, you will be collecting cards and then using them to take on a bunch of monsters, to collect more items and go deeper in the dungeon.

Plunder Dungeons is a very simple looking game, but there is so much more going on within the world. As you make your way through each area, you will uncover the grid, showing what is in the spaces that you are interacting with. Sometimes it’s chests with more cards for you to gain, sometimes it’s a path onto the next level, and often it is a monster for you to fight.

Fighting monsters is easy to follow; you will pick cards and then use them to fight against whoever you are facing. Some help with defense, while others help with actual attack. These different attacks have really cute animations that match the hand drawn style of the game. You can also drag attacks onto your character, which gives them some interesting armor or outfits to wear, to help them take on these enemies.

Plunder Dungeons

The only issue is that in Plunder Dungeons, you do have limited cards. If your enemy takes a ton of cards to die, you will be left with less cards for your next round. Cards can be found in the level, but it’s often far and few between. This balancing act of using cards to be more efficient becomes the crux of battling, so that you actually have things left over for your next round.

The levels that you take on are procedurally generated, so every run of Plunder Dungeons is different. I got to have a taste of this game at Gamescom this year.

You can currently find Plunder Dungeons on Steam.

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