Pizza Possum is chaotic, stealing madness

Pizza Possum is a chaotic game where you get to become a trash panda trying to eat all of the food you can get your hands on in this town! The town itself is stacked, sort of all on top of each other, with food seemingly everywhere. I am not sure why these villagers are leaving out giant pizzas and breads if it’s not to be eaten!

Playing as a possum, you need to move around the town, eating food to unlock new areas. There are plenty of villagers who do not want you to just eat whatever you want, and will start following you around. Thankfully, you can pick up mystery boxes that contain items to help you escape them. Dog bones dropped down distract your enemies, bombs make them completely forget about you, and boundaries can be put down to stop them from following so closely.

As you eat and unlock new areas, you will be expanding the world, adding in more areas to be chased around, but you can always dip back to previous parts of town if you need to. You can also hide in to bushes and wait for everyone to calm down. It’s really up to you! Despite being a stealth game, Pizza Possum is full of fun and magical moments as you eat a giant cheese and then punch a cop in the face.

Pizza Possum

There is a single-player mode, where once you get caught the game is over, as well as a two player mode where things are even more hectic. In two player mode, getting caught is not the end of the level, and instead the other player can rescue you. The game only ends when both players are caught at the same time, so you can find yourself lasting much longer while playing. I found this two player version of the game to be hilarious and super fun! Great for quick play sessions, especially if you’ve got younger children.

I got the chance to play some of Pizza Possum at Gamescom, where I died pretty quickly but enjoyed eating all of the silly looking food. You can currently play this demo on Steam and wishlist the game ahead of their launch this month.

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