Phoenix Labs Announce First Title, Free To Play, Online, Action-RPG Dauntless

Phoenix Labs, a newly formed independent game studio, has announced it’s first title, Dauntless, an action RPG inspired by Dark Souls & Monster Hunter where players must battle against the odds to defeat tough enemies.

The developer gave us our first peak at the title via a trailer released at the 2016 Game Awards. While it doesn’t give us any specifics about the title you can certainly get a feel for the strange science-fantasy setting, as well as the downtrodden world that you’ll be fighting to protect.

Players of the game take on the role of ‘Slayers’ who have to journey the shattered, post-cataclysm islands that make up the world of Dauntless. The targets? Behemoths, like the one shown in the trailer. The location? Apparently it’s ever changing, with the islands presumably generated per encounter, which would lead to players having to develop tactics which can adapt an alter per enemy and battle.

Much like Monster Hunter, players can battle through alone or join co-operative groups, in this in groups up to five. Also similar is the fact that players will receive rewards from besting foes which can be used to upgrade their weapons and armour. However, special note is made to the “deep and robust crafting system” which is surely where the title intends to exact it’s replayability. Other cited inspirations include World of Warcraft and Dark Souls, a deadly trio.

Dauntless will be available as a free-to-play downloadable game on PC in 2017, you can find the announcement trailer below.

Source: Press Release


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