PDPGaming LVL50 Wireless Headset — Affordable quality

Connecting with friends in the digital age is something that everyone does. If you are a big console gamer then the chances are that you would benefit from having a gaming headset, so you can chat with your friends (or strangers, we aren’t judging) while you play. Today, I took a look at the PDP’s LVL50 wireless headset, made for the Playstation 4. 

The LVL50 is a plug and play, wireless headset that won’t hit your wallet too badly, but does provide a quality headset for you to use and enjoy. The headset boasts up to 40ft of wireless connectivity and has soft, breathable fabric cushions around your ears, which I found to be really lovely if a bit bulky for me personally. With them being that soft, you could totally wear them for long gaming sessions without feeling discomfort. 


The sound quality of the LVL50 is good. It has 50mm high-definition stereo drivers and the sound can be controlled by a dial on the side of the headset, meaning you can adjust on the go. The volume can get quite loud and, on the flip side, very quiet — so you won’t have a problem hearing with it. There is a directional microphone attached to this headset, which works well and provides good quality audio to whoever is trying to listen to you. It’s a very decent headset for the price point, without any visual bells and whistles, that looks sleek too. I quite like the blue spring detail, making the headset just look a little nicer.

If, for whatever reason, you want to use this headset as a PC headset — it works in your computer too — the same as on the PS4 then you can just plug in the dongle and start using it straight away. I quite liked the duality of being able to use it for the PC as well, due to the name, there was a possibility of only being able to use the LVL50 on the console. 

You can purchase the LVL50 Wireless Headset on Amazon.

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