PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Controller – Glow Up

Our household is a big fan of colorful controllers, as well as ones that feel unique. We’ve had our fair share of light-up and rainbow controllers, but never before have I had a controller that glows in the dark. The PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Wired Controller is ideal for Xbox Controller users who want something unique.

The feel of the PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Controller is quite nice. The thumbsticks are textured, the D-Pad is smooth with various little designs on it to help you know what each button can also do. The back of the controller is also textured, providing a better grip, and the lower shoulders have a texture too. The front of the controller is made of hard plastic, with some paint-poured-looking colors all over the front. These have a matte feel instead of a plastic feel, like the rest of the device.

It is worth noting that this controller does have two buttons on the back that can be mapped and used in various games. If you are not used to controllers with these back buttons, they do take some getting used to, as otherwise, you may find yourself tapping them by mistake. It can also have a microphone plugged directly into the controller, and there is a quick mute button with a light-up visual that lets you know if you are muted.

The PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Controller feels good; it’s very similar to an Xbox Controller and works as well as the official ones we have on our Xbox. The cable to plug this device into our Xbox is quite long too, easily reaching our sofa. All of the other buttons are rounded and feel of high quality — it’s a decent, quality controller.

PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Controller

When it comes to the glow on this controller, only the color green is meant to glow in the middle of the device. The pink, red, orange, blue and purple are just there to add to the looks of the whole thing, which is fun. For me, the controller did not glow as much as the ones in the promotional images, but it’s a decent glow that can bring great fun to those who want to game in the dark and have such a fun feature. If you like the style and want something a little different, I’d recommend picking it up!

You can purchase the PDP Rematch Glow Space Dust Controller (and a matching headset) on PDP’s website.

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