PC Building Simulator Finds independent Publisher

PC Building Simulator, a title about…building a PC really, has found itself being picked up by an independent publisher.

PC Building Simulator has been picked up by London based publisher,  The Irregular Corporation. The title was developed by, Claudiu Kiss and was originally a free demo over on Itch.io.

The involvement of The Irregular Corporation will aid Claudiu with developing the career mode for the game as well as other technical aspects.

“we’re looking forward to working with Claudiu to help build the game into a more polished and rich experience for players.” – Stuart Morton (Irregular Corporation Producer)

The title is a simulation in which players construct a PC as part of their job. There are all the componments you would expect to see, and each one responds as they would in reality, and the player can experiment with tools and battle against short circuits, and more.

Source: Press Release


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