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Pac-Man Quarter-Scale Arcade Cabinet hands on


Are you one of those people who wishes to have a collection of arcade cabinets? Do you just not have the space? Well, Numskull have pre-orders open for the first in a series of mini, desktop, arcade cabinets, each featuring a retro game: Pac-Man.

I recently got to check out the Pac-Man quarter-scale arcade cabinet at its press launch event, where I could play the cabinet and see it in its small size. Coming in at the size of a baby, this durable arcade cabinet can take a bit of a knocking. These are tough, well-made, tiny arcade machines. You can easily set them up, plug them in and enjoy Pac-Man in your own home.

The buttons and joystick work well and feel smooth. The arcade machine has a good-sized screen where everything is clear. It’s a super, solid recreation. One thing that really surprised me is how portable these machines are. You can plug a battery pack into them and just turn them on, running the machine basically anywhere! With its size — roughly that of a small baby — you can carry it to whatever party you are going to and just plug it in to play.

This cabinet is a limited run; there will only be ten thousand units made worldwide. The Pac-Man cabinet also comes with a limited-edition collectors’ coin, for those into collecting coins!

This is the first in a series of arcade cabinets; up next is Galaga! After that, Numskull are looking to make a Galaxian and Ms. Pac-Man cabinet. You could start your own little mini-arcade.

If you like Pac-Man but aren’t big into the machine, Numskull also sell a really nice pin set, cute holiday sweater, a mug and much more.

You can find out more information about the cabinet, and pre-order it, over on the Numskull website.

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