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Learn about flowers in Out and About

Out and About is a beautiful, wholesome adventure game where you have to help your grandmother. Her small town has been ravaged by a terrible storm, and it seems like every person who lives there really needs some assistance of some sort. You travel around, helping villagers and cleaning up after the chaos the storm has caused.

Out and About isn’t a game just about quests; there is a massive foraging system that really makes the game stand out. Your character is able to explore forests and find different flowers and plants to pick. Using various cards that tell you information on the plants, you are able to identify what you are picking, break them down, and use them to create things like food, ointments and teas. These information cards have real life information and the people you meet will also give you foraging tips that you can actually use when foraging in the real world.

Aside from foraging, you are able to create a farm with seeds that  you have found, building your own garden in a sustainable way. You can then use those ingredients to cook various recipes, and gift them to your newly found friends. There are different quests throughout the game to guide you, but there is also a lot of beauty in exploring on your own, enjoying the forest, and finding new plants to collect. 

Out and About

Out and About feels very relaxing and the real-life tips are ones that you can learn from! This small town feels homely and quirky, with enough people to keep you interested in what is going on. The game is free flowing enough to just explore or cook food that you want to cook. It’s a fun time! 

I got the chance to play the demo of the game at Gamescom and am excitedly waiting for more! You can play this demo too and wishlist the game on Steam. You can also back the game on Kickstarter.

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