Orune follows an exiled prince and his dragon companion

A young prince and a friendly dragon must journey through danger to lift his exile and restore his family to rule in Orune.

Orune, from Digital Pine Studios, follows the journey of Cyrus, the exiled son of the king, as he journeys through infested forests and more in his journey to restore himself to the throne. It’s grounded firmly in fairytale, with the tales we are told as children a solid inspiration for the 2.5D platformer.

Joining the prince on his journey is Orune, a small dragon who can float and fly, as well as breath fire and push or pull objects. During the course of the game, Orune can develop a stronger bond with the young prince. This in turn makes the dragon more helpful and likely to aid in combat and puzzle situations.

I played through a demo of Orune while at EGX earlier in the year and spent some time talking with programmer Karim Abouelkawam about the team’s plans for the game. Immersive moments in the demo where Orune performed little actions like impatiently flicking his tail around or charging forward into a fight that Cyrus had not engaged in, really brought everything together — although nothing as much as when the prince was carried over a wide river by the dragon.

There’s a light combat system built into the adventure game, too; you can pick up an assortment of weapons — although these do not have RPG-like statistics. Instead, their length and weight is directly related to their damage. You can also throw your weapon as a ranged attack — and the dragon will go and fetch it back for you.

Orune is currently very early in development, with at least another year of development planned before the team move it towards release. When it does launch, they intend to release it for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

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