Order of Battle: World War II – Blitzkrieg DLC Giveaway

Wargamers assemble!

Matrix Games have kindly imparted us five codes to giveaway for ‘Blitzkrieg,’ the latest DLC for The Artistocrat’s Free-to-Play, Order of Battle: World War II.

Blitzkrieg manages to cover most battle types in a tight, varied campaign.

The DLC, as covered in our recent review [Here] brings the (free-to-play) base game to the central European theater with the far-reaching axis campaign. As an effect the game adds over 140 new units, buffering the Soviet forces introduced in Winter War, and adding in French, British, and various Eastern, and Northern European forces. The vast campaign takes you from Warsaw to Paris, and back up to the very gates of Moscow.

So, how do you get a chance at winning a free code to unlock this DLC?

How to enter

We’ll be handing out the codes to our followers on Facebook and Twitter, we’ll have two winners from each platform (including any existing followers/likes) as well as one code to be handed out to one among those who drive attention to the message – through re-tweets and sharing.

You can find the accounts to follow and like here, Facebook, or Twitter.

We will run the competition for a couple of days, and at the end we will gather our entire follower list and put them through a random generator. The 5th code will be decided through targeted platform searches.

Winners will be notified by public comment – and if you’re a winner then we’ll send you the code via private message.

All the best,

– B3

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